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31.08.2017: LocoTech creates a joint centre of responsibility for the technical condition of the locomotives on the Eastern Range

LocoTech Group creates a joint centre of responsibility for the technical condition of the locomotives on the Eastern Range between overhauls. This was announced by the Deputy Director for technology of LocoTech Vladimir Pustovoy within the VI International Railway Salon EXPO 1520 in Scherbinka. 

Vladimir Pustovoy noted that the growth of the traction rolling stock reliability on the Eastern Range is now a priority for LocoTech. For this purpose a comprehensive programme to improve the quality of the repair with the establishment of a single centre of responsibility (JCR) between overhauls is implemented. 

Currently, two responsibility centres are created - "Khabarovsk” и “Irkutsk”. "Khabarovsk” JCR will consist of Ussuriysk locomotive repair factory and service locomotive depots Sibirtsevo, Amurskoe, Tynda-Severnaya, Chernyshevsk and Ziminskoe. "Irkutsk” JCR will include Ulan-Ude locomotive and car repair factory and depot Bogotol-Sibirsky, Karasuk, Dalnevostochnoe, Chita, Nizhne-Udinskoe, Kansk-Ilansky. 

Within JCR the design and engineering, quality and resource management units will be concentrated: technological preparation of production and development of production systems; material and technical support; preparation and training of personnel. JCR helps to conduct ongoing monitoring of the locomotives operational parameters and provides integrated quality system Factory-Depot. 

The objectives of the centres are to increase the line mileage of locomotives, reduction of downtimes for planned repairs of locomotives and the number of unplanned repairs and, as a consequence, reduction of the service costs.

“Creation of joint centres of responsibility will help us increase our key performance indicator - technical readiness factor. We set ourselves a task to increase TRF in 2017-2018 up to 0.96. Thus, we can significantly enhance the performance of the locomotive fleet of the Russian railways,” said V. Pustovoy.


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