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02.10.2018: Russian Railways plans to increase the scope of repair of locomotives at Ussuriysk LRZ

Deputy Director General of JSC Russian Railways, head of the Traction Directorate Oleg Valinsky met with the Director General of LLC LocoTech Yuri Degtyarev and Director of the Ussuriysk LRZ Dmitry Gusev. They visited the Ussuriysk Locomotive Repair Plant and discussed the prospects for increasing the order for the overhaul of diesel locomotives at the enterprise.

During a visit to the Ussuriysk LRZ Oleg Valinsky noted that the Russian Railways are considering the possibility of increasing the amount of repair of locomotives in the enterprise. “I’m not the first time at Ussuriysk LRZ, so I see how the plant is changing. It is pleasant that the company is implementing an investment program, buying new machines. As a result, this made it possible to increase the output of repair of diesel engines, sections of locomotives for the needs of Russian Railways. And it should be noted that it comes with quality improvement. 

I was impressed by the appearance of numerical control (CNC) machines at the enterprise, which are capable of performing high-precision operations. A “quality gate” system is being introduced, making it possible to track the entire repair process at every stage of a locomotive repair,” he commented.

In turn, the Director General of LocoTech, Yuri Degtyarev, stressed that such trips are necessary because they allow to discuss development prospects, operational issues and the workload of the enterprise. “The customer can ask his questions about the quality of works and get an answer immediately. In addition, during this meeting we discussed the implementation of the current and future repair programme. The decisions that have been made today allow us to say with confidence that the company will have a stable workload and will be provided with work at least until 2022”.

In 2018, the production programme for rolling stock repair from the main customer JSC Russian Railways increased by 30%. Currently, Ussuriysk Locomotive Repair Plant is loaded almost at 100%.

As Dmitry Gusev, director of ULRZ, said, in addition to the main direction, the plant’s plans include an increase in the production of components for customer enterprises from the Central region - wheel sets of a new formation and a number of spare parts. 

With the increase in the production programme, the plant needs specialists, therefore, on the basis of Ussuriysk LRZ the LocoTech Corporate University has been established to provide the required number of skilled workers with a profession.


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