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08.08.2019: Ussuriysk LRZ has improved the quality management system after certification to ISO/TS standard

Ussuriysk Locomotive Repair Plant has passed the first inspection audit after certification to ISO/TS 22163: 2017 quality management standard. 

The plant has received the certificate of ISO/TS standard in 2018. Then the company's quality management system has been estimated at 68%. In 2019 inspection audit on the Ussuriysk LRZ has been conducted by international holding company DQS. Experts pointed out that the company successfully applies the technique of the quality system. Many of the auditor’s recommendations have been implemented over the past year. And this year, the extent to which the ULRZ quality management system matches the standard was 70%. 

The ISO/TS 22163:2017 is based on ISO 9001:2015 and the IRIS railway industry international standard. The transition to the new version is related to the requirements of the main customer Russian Railways. Monitoring and measurement of the quality management system processes operation in the enterprise are carried out through the implementation of internal audit procedures, customer satisfaction evaluation, claims and complaints analysis, quality targets achievement analysis, and business and traffic safety.

Ussuriysk Locomotive Repair Plant is a basic LocoTech enterprise in the Far East, designed to meet the needs of the Russian Railways, service locomotive depots and industrial enterprises in the overhaul and modernization of locomotives, delivery of repair kits and spare parts. The plant employs about 3 thousand people.

Ussurisk LRZ performs heavy and medium repair of locomotives series TE10, TEM-2, TEM-7 (TEM-7A), M62, repair of diesel engines.  


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