LocoTech | Responsibility


We are keen to ensure the continued existence of corporate group LocoTech LLC in a competitive market. Daily affecting the economic and social environment, we care the needs of society in each region of presence and work hard in order to provide safe and prosperous future for today and for generations to come.

We strive to optimize costs, increase operational efficiency, structure activities, provide sustainable leadership. All of this aimed to maintain processes of positive transformation of the company.

Our priorities:
  • Development and improvement of IT systems
  • Continuous improvement of internal business processes
  • Resource saving
  • Development of corporate culture and personnel management system
  • Development of quality working conditions by the all criteria of safety production


59, bldg. 2, Zemlyanoy Val
Moscow, 109004,Russian Federation
+7 (499) 638 2298, +7 (800) 600 0669